Feed pinion, drive pinion and intermediate pinion for Mechafin wire feeders

The drive pinion is the heart of the drive. It is connected to the drive shaft and transmits the driving force to the intermediate pinions or directly to the feed pinions.

In the design, the number of teeth on the pinion is kept as small as possible for reasons of construction volume. At the same time, however, the number of teeth must be sufficiently large so that no undercut occurs and the overlap is sufficiently large for the benefit of smooth running. In addition, the pinion as a drive element should be chosen slightly wider than the driven wheel.

Mechafin pinions have been distinguished for over 50 years by their high precision, which is reflected in their smooth running. They are available with bronze bushings or needle bearings, burnished, nickel-plated, polished or unpolished. Drive pinions are available with or without insulation.

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