About us

Mechafin AG develops and manufactures welding torches, wire drive systems and welding accessories for industrial use under the harshest conditions.


Mechafin AG is based in Geroldswil, a suburb of Zurich, and was founded in 1965 by Otto Schoch. They started specialising very early on in the development and production of inert gas welding torches and wire drive systems for demanding tasks. “The higher requirements of our customers are our daily challenges and motivation.”


Many years of experience in a medium-sized company environment with high flexibility for customers helped Mechafin to achieve international renown as a unique partner. Driven by a passion for pragmatic and reliable solutions, Mechafin manages to live up to the needs and expectations of its customers each and every day.


Mechafin welding torches and wire drive systems are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries, for example in dockyards, on oil platforms, in coal mines, and in the automobile and railway industries.


Whether it’s liquid or gas cooled welding torches, or you want to weld aluminium or some other materials, you are sure to find the right device and the right solution in Mechafin’s range of products. Mechafin torches are robust and longlasting, and guarantee smooth welding processes with maximum performance at all times for manual, semi- and fully-automatic use as well as when used with robots.


A wide range of accessories is available for all welding torches, such as liners, gas diffusers, nozzles and contact tips.


As with its welding torches, Mechafin focuses on the highest quality «Made in Switzerland” for its wire drive systems as well as the best possible reliability and longevity. The wire drive systems are available in three main product categories based on the feed roller sizes 30mm, 37mm and 40mm. Different drives and DC motors from 40 to 250 W with up to 270 rpm are available for each series. There is also a wide range of motors with encoders or tachometers.


Manufacturing takes place in Switzerland as well as in England, in the subsidiary Mechafin UK LTD that was founded in 1990.


Innovation in the development of new devices, in close cooperation with customers, is something that has characterised Mechafin for many years in the international market. Mechafin AG is a supplier to most of the leading welding device manufacturers.